EconocastTM is Fishkind & Associate’s forecast of economic activity for the State of Florida, its MSA’s and Counties.

The information is developed through a series of econometric forecast models functioning at the county level. Multi-county Metropolitan Statistical Area forecasts consist of the sum of county level forecasts within that area.

Data sources include:

  • University of Florida and BEBR SF/MF units permitted and started each month
  • Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security; QCEW and CES reports
  • University of Florida Population Studies
  • (12D.8) N.A.L. File, Florida Department of Revenue
  • National economic data and conditions

Florida’s Department of Revenue (DOR) utilizes 10 classifications and 100 sub-classifications to describe different land use types throughout the State. Econocast presents both the history of and projections for non-residential construction for 8 land use groups. The table within this Adobe Acrobat file (PDF, 33KB) presents the concordance between the DOR land use sub-classifications and Econocast.

The forecast is a useful business guide, representing our view of upcoming, short-term, economic conditions, in Florida’s local area markets. Information is subject to change and is updated quarterly.

For questions concerning Econocast data and methodologies please call (407-382-3256) our Orlando, FL office.

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