Fishkind & Associates are recognized experts in fiscal impact analysis. Fishkind has developed their Fiscal Impact Analysis Model (“FIAM”) to incorporate the latest theories in capturing the revenues and expenditures to local governments generated by development projects. We have developed models for both private and public sector clients.


For the private sector, Fishkind & Associates has conducted fiscal impact analyses for large scale residential and commercial projects, oil and gas pipelines, industrial complexes, phosphate and rock mines, airports, military institutions, amusement parks, and for many other land uses. We work with our private sector clients to help them achieve success during the development permitting process including comprehensive plan amendments. If you are a private developer and need assistance with quantifying your project’s impact to a local or state government, please contact us for a quote.



Local governments that do not have sufficient staff or demand for a Fiscal Model “expert” may use Fishkind’s expertise to perform any project analysis. Once the Fiscal Model is calibrated for your local government, Fishkind can provide a complete fiscal analysis for any proposed project, typically within 48 hours. This service is billed at our hourly rate and may be paid from fees charged to the developer of the project.


The Fiscal Impact Model is particularly useful for developing short-term and long run projections for your budget by detailed line item and by fund type. The service package includes development of three alternative base-case projections and up to ten additional policy scenarios. The base-case projections assist communities in determining the fiscal sustainability of their current budgetary structures in light of: (a) the existing land uses, and (b) the impacts of future projected growth.

The service package includes detailed review and analysis of the community’s existing budgetary structure. Sensitivity analysis is provided to explore any structural weaknesses. The package includes three site visits/workshops including a presentation to the elected local officials. The Fiscal Model with Comprehensive Plan existing inventories (Section 2) must be completed prior to these services and is not included in the price below.


Fishkind will assist the community in the development of the capital improvement element (CIP). Services will include the following:

Assistance examining levels of service in the comprehensive plan, the levels of service being delivered, and the backlog if any. This is now required under the recent amendments to Chapter 163, and the exercise must be conducted for each of the following facilities required to meet concurrency standards: (a) roads, (b) drainage, (c) solid waste, (d) potable water, (e) sanitary sewer, (f) parks and recreation, (g) mass transit if applicable, and (h) schools.

Assistance in projecting future demand for all eight of the capital facilities required for concurrency as outlined above.

Assistance in integrating the CIP with the local school board as required under the provisions for interlocal agreements governing the newly require public school facilities element of the comprehensive plan.

Assistance in estimating the future cost to maintain concurrency for all eight capital facilities required for concurrency.

Analysis of alternative funding mechanisms to fund backlog requirements as may be determined under item (a) above.

Analysis of alternative funding mechanisms needed to maintain concurrency in the future due to new growth as may be determined under item (b) above.

The service package includes four site visits/workshops with staff including a presentation to the local elected officials. The Fiscal Model with Comprehensive Plan of existing inventories must be completed prior to these services. For inquiries, please contact us by phone or via the form on the contact us page.

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